Hi, I’m Bill.

Welcome to The Changing Force.  I started this blog to document my thoughts, experiences and best practices around everything related to changing technology and how it balances with everything else in life.  I have always been a technology junkie, early adopter and geek.  However, I believe that it is important to leverage and balance what is now always changing and evolving technology with everything else in our lives both personally and professionally.

I have spent the majority of my professional life working with new and innovative technologies and the processes that surround those technologies. Currently I split my time between two very innovative and transformation technologies (video & voice interviewing and Salesforce).  Both of these apps change the way that people work and both require balance between the technology, business process and people.  Finding that balance is an exciting journey and when you are able to find it amazing things happen and you see those ideal result we all hope for.  The goal of this blog is to share my stories around the journey to create the balance.

A little more about me (if you are interested):

  • I currently live in Wisconsin, but I am from Illinois.  I always give that disclaimer so that no one confuses me with a Wisconsin sports fan.  Chicago sports fan through and through!
  • I have an amazing wife and an awesome German Shepherd Dog.
  • I currently work as the Senior Client Advisor and manage Sales Operations at Montage.
  • I am a Certified Salesforce Admin and proud to be a member of the #AwesomeAdmin community. 
  • I went to DePaul University and am a proud Double Demon! My undergrad degree was in Theatre (Stage Management) and my  graduate degree was in Public Service/Higher Education.

Thanks for checking out my site!

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